Cleveland Futbol Club is proud to announce that we are merging with Everest Soccer Club beginning the 2018-2019 season to become Cleveland Everest Futbol Club (CEFC).

What does this mean for our players and families?
First, nothing will change in terms of your current team, facilities, coaching staff, league play or fees. CFC will continue to base our operation out of the Strongsville/Medina area. All of our teams will remain intact. Our teams and our coaching staff will remain unchanged. CFC will continue to play in the same leagues and our fees will only increase as scheduled. So in short, this merger will not require altered teams or a new coaching staff. You will still receive the same great service that you have come to expect with CFC.

If nothing changes, how does this merger benefit our players and families?
This merger will provide several key benefits to our players and families. First, it will open up more opportunities for “guest player” situations. If any of our teams need players for an upcoming event, we can reach out to our partner club for help or vice versa. Second, a larger club can attract more elite players to our current teams, thus making our current teams even more competitive. It also makes it easier to provide “once in a lifetime” opportunities like soccer tours to foreign countries. This partnership will help solve the “trapped player” situation that occurs each fall by allowing us to pool those players and provide fall league and or tournament play. Finally, a merger opens up an opportunity for our players to continute to be compete at the most elite levels.

Why choose to merge with Everest Soccer Club?
CFC continutally is looking for ways to provide our players with the best developmental avenues to reach their goals. We wanted to partner with others that shares our mission, vision, philosophy, values and beliefs and that have demonstrated excellence on and off the field. They would also need to have a long history of integrity and an administration that we could trust. We feel that Everest Soccer Club checks all those boxes. .

What about uniforms?
For the short term, CFC and Everest will continue to wear our upcoming new uniforms. So you will not be required to purchase any additional uniform pieces that were not already scheduled. We plan to phase in a new CEFC uniform for the elite tournaments over the next 2 years. That way, no one is overburdened with excess uniform expenses.

In summary:
It is our hope that this merger will only increase CFC’s current strong footprint in our area as a premier soccer club, attract new players, open doors for “guest players”, solve the “trapped player” situation, and improve the overall competitive quality of our two clubs. We believe that we are stronger together!

If you have any questions about this merger, please contact us

Ulf Ryberg, Owner
Benny Dargle, Director of Coaching