CFC Junior Academy starting this Fall!!

Cleveland FC will be adding a junior academy program for boys and girls ages 4-7. The academy program introduces the sport of soccer in a FUN friendly environment with emphasis placed on soccer specific movements and skills. The CFC Jr. Academy is geared towards development. The program focus is on improving soccer skills in passing and shooting technique, ball control and field position. Players will advance in skill development and decision-making through an encouraging, motivating environment.

Weds/Fri  6:00-7:00pm all sessions   Cost: $75

Offering 2 Fall sessions:
Session I  Aug 18, 23, 25, 30 Sept 6, 8, 13, 15, 20
Session II Sept 22, 27, 29 Oct 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20

All trainings held at:
Cleveland FC training fields (old Albion Jr. High location)
11109 Webster Rd.
Strongsville, OH  44136

Cleveland FC online registration is now available through Sports Engine. Please complete the registration to join our Fall Junior Academy. If you do not currently have an account with Sports Engine, you will be required to sign up for one before proceeding to the online registration.






Player Development Pyramid

Ball Mastery
Ball Mastery phase uses drills and exercises where each Cleveland FC Academy player must work alone with a ball, high repetitions using both feet. The Ball Mastery phase also builds balance, coordination, and agility which is crucial for overall Academy player development.

Receiving & Passing
Receiving and Passing phase uses drills and exercises to improve each Cleveland FC Academy player’s first touch, which is so important at all levels, and to encourage and teach accurate creative passing.  1v1 Moves uses drills and exercises that teach each Academy player to be confident and build creativity with the ball to beat opponents as they use the moves to create space to shoot, pass, or dribble.

Speed Phase
Speed phase uses drills and exercises to improve each Cleveland FC Academy player’s acceleration, running with and without the ball, and changes of pace. The Speed phase also helps each Academy player with balance, coordination, and agility

Finishing Phase
Finishing phase introduces each Cleveland FC Academy player to shooting by using drills and exercise that focus on shooting techniques. Eac Academy player will have a basic understanding of shooting mechanics which is essential for power and accuracy.

Group Phase
Group phase introduces each Cleveland FC Academy player to small sided games. Drills and exercises are used to introduce combination play, positioning, and ball movement.

The curriculum focuses on Player Development. Ball Mastery is the foundation of every player’s development and becomes essential for progress through the pyramid. But don’t think of this as a ladder, where one level must be mastered before continuing to the next level. Instead each step is integrated to the others and the player improvement is achieved, as the techniques at each level become stronger.

Academy Attire
All players during receive a special CFC Academy shirt. Soccer cleats and shin guards are worn at all times and each player is responsible to bring a size 3 ball to training sessions. Don’t forget to bring water. Cleats and shin guards, covered by socks are mandatory at all training sessions and games. Soccer shoes are without the front toe cleat such as in baseball and football.